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About Right Training


My Story.
 My Mission.

Hey, my name is Kris. I am woman, mother, traveler turned fitness
trainer and nutritional coach.
As long as I can remember myself I have been active and into sports.

I was a tall kid so at the early age of 7, my parents sent me to play
basketball. With bigger and smaller successes in the ball game, ‘i fell
in love with sports and being active.
Somewhere along the way I was introduced to horse riding, simply because
my family decided to get a horse as a pet. I was petrified when sitting
on top of one for the first time.
Winter holidays I spent chasing puck on the pond with boys. Summer
holidays I spent by the beach and enjoyed swimming and jumping waves all
day long.

One day I was invited to substitute a player on the beach volley field.
And another passion was discovered.
If You are from the Baltic region I might seem familiar to you – Few
years after high school, I took part in survival show called “Robinson
Expedition”. It is similar to show that world knows as “Survivor”.
I liked to be outdoors anyway and the idea of being surrounded by blue
bliss of the tropical ocean seamed like a life changing adventure. I
never took show competitions seriously. I guess it was easy to be able
to climb rocks, swim after fish faster just because I have been active
all my life. I was allowed to take one non survival item to island with
me: I took volley ball! No wonder. (It was before “Castaway” and poor
Wilson ;))

Show ended and, life happened to me and I got pregnant. But I never
stopped moving, I played ball till I couldn’t see my feet 🙂
And then I became a mother – indescribable feeling and new level of
responsibility. Not just to care for Your child, but to be a role model
to her.

Life happened and I met a man who I thought was the right person for me.
He introduced me to Muay Thai or Thai kick boxing. We traveled together
and lived an active lifestyle together. We got married, moved to Dubai,
I was an air-hostess and he was a pilot – it seamed like a dream come
trough, but somehow this dream turned into an abusive relationship – a
nightmare that was so hard to end. Before the end of my marriage, the
only time when I felt good about myself was when I was working out.
Fitness gave me strength to say – Enough! And move on from that chapter
of my life.
While dealing with divorce – new kinds of sports were my refuge. I tried
snowboarding indoors and surfing outdoors – I had to learn new moves and
use my mind to maintain my stability – so I didn’t have time to think
about my troubles. Sense of accomplishment slowly gave me back my

When you ask me, what kinds of sports I do, it’s easier to tell You what
i don’t do 🙂
As I live I discover new activities. I really and truly am interacting
with indoors and great outdoors, develop a sense of body awareness and
new nerve endings. I have become fitter and more athletic. I feel complete.
I feel like myself – beautiful, healthy woman – strong physically and
mentally. After years of self- belittling I can say with confidence – I
love myself!
As fitness helped me to get through the worst times of my life, and gave
back my confidence, I made a decision that I want to help people change
their lives through fitness and healthy nutrition.
For me it’s not about how I look – its about how I feel – when I feel
strong and lean I feel that I am able to deal with everything that life
throws at me!
I believe that everyone deserves to feel their best, to have active life
style, no matter of age, state of mind, gender occupation or place of
I graduated “European Institute Of Fitness school” and took additional
Nutrition course from “Precision Nutrition” to help me to change Your life!

Life happens! Have Fun! Be fit!

Reach out and I will help you to find the best version of Yourself!

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